ERP Alumni



Degree Earned

Thesis Title Advisor Current Position/Appointment
Ahmed Aljohani, MBBS PhD The role of hepatic stearoyl-coa desaturase 1 in regulating systemic metabolism Ntambi
Bryan Ampey PhD Cyclic nucleotides locally modulate uterine vascular intercellular gap junction communication to maintain uterine blood flow during pregnancy Magness AAAS Fellow, National Institutes of Health
Danielle Berdahl, MD MS Modeling preeclampsia dysfunction in a HUVEC model and exploring rescue by CLA Bird Provider (Eau Claire, WI)
Danielle Fontaine PhD Tcf19: A novel diabetes gene Davis Information Scientist, Jackson Labs (Sacramento, CA)
Alvaro Garcia Guerra PhD Ovarian Physiology of “Trio” A Novel High Fecundity Allele in Cattle Wiltbank Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
Meghan Maguire PhD Developmental impact of cytochrome P450 1b1 and vitamin A deficiency on liver gene expression Jefcoate Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Maryland
Adriana Rodriguez PhD Cellular and molecular mechanisms that build the early fetal-placental interface Downs Postdoctoral Scholar, MDI Biological Laboratory
Erin Slosarek McMillan PhD Modeling hereditary spastic paraplegia using human induced pluripotent stem cells Audhya Cellular Dynamics (Madison, WI)
Roxanne Alvarez PhD The role of SK and IK channels in pregnancy-enhanced Ca2+ signaling in uterine artery endothelial cells in an ovine model Bird Technical Support Specialist III, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Madison, WI)
Justin Cody Bohrer, MD MS Serotonin deficiency rescues lactation on day 1 mice in mice fed a high fat diet Hernandez Provider, Bellin Health, Maternal Fetal Medicine (Green Bay, WI)
Michael Johnson PhD Endothelin-converting enzyme-1 dependent endothelin 1 signaling in osteogenesis Drezner, Blank Assistant Scientist, UW Carbone Cancer Center, UW-Madison
Jasmin Kristianto PhD Ece1 in normal post-natal physiology Drezner, Blank Assistant Scientist, Dept of Medicine, UW-Madison
Jun Ren PhD The paracrine function of smooth muscle cells in vascular injury and repair Liu Postdoctoral Scholar, Harvard University
Lei Wang PhD Regulation of Clathrin-mediated Endocytosis in C. elegans by the FEI endocytic complex Audhya Postdoctoral Scholar, Harvard University
Nauman Khurshid MS Wounding as a central mechanism for preeclampsia Bird Provider, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, ProMedica Toledo Hospital (Toledo, Ohio)
Jimena Laporta Minor The role of serotonin in calcium and energy homeostasis: New opportunities for the management of transition-related metabolic disorders Hernandez Assistant Professor, Mammary Physiology, University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)
Yan Li PhD The roles of aryl hydrocarbon receptor in human fetoplacental endothelial cells and ovarian cancer Zheng Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanic Lab, Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UW-Madison
Ka Yi Ling PhD The role of posterior visceral endoderm in the formation of the fetal-umbilical connection Downs Research Fellow, Institute of Cellular and Molecular Biology (Singapore)
Mayra Pastore PhD Regulation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase via receptor-α and estrogen receptor-β in ovine uterine artery endothelial cells Magness Postdoctoral Scholar, Ingraham Lab, Dept of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology, University of California, San Francisco
Samantha Rose Lewis PhD Mechanisms of gonadotropin independent steroidogenesis in fetal gonad development and prostate cancer Jorgensen Senior Application Scientist, Promega Corporation (Madison, WI)
Daniel Carl Mandel MS Discordant maternal effect on the dehydroepiandrosterone to cortisol ratio with mid versus late gestation initiation of 17-hydroxy-progesterone-caproate in rhesus macaques Abbott Provider, Carl Foundation Hospital (Urbana, IL)
Gopika G Nair PhD Establishing a PTF1a-initiated in vitro model of pancreas development in embryonic stem cells and its application to uncover mechanisms of pancreatic progenitor fate determination Odorico Postdoctoral Scholar, Hebrok Lab, Diabetes Center, University of California, San Francisco
Soma Banerjee MS Modulation of glucose transport in naïve and activated human immune cell subsets Patankar
Derek Steven Boeldt PhD Targeting inhibitory gap junction phosphorylations: An endothelium-based approach to preeclampsia therapy Bird Assistant Scientist, UW-Madison
Justin Robert Bushkofsky PhD Impact on metabolic homeostasis of deficiency in cytochrome P4501b1 and vitamin A Jefcoate Associate Scientist, Catalent Pharma Solutions
Jeffrey Morgan Denney MS The mechanism of placental and renal injury in a renin-angiotensinogen system (RAS) mouse model of preeclampsia Shah Assistant Professor, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Wake Forest Baptist Health
Katherine Suzanne Hackbart PhD The effect of hyperinsulinemia on follicular function, ovulation, and subsequent oocyte fertilization and early embryonic quality in a potential bovine model of polycystic ovarian syndrome Wiltbank Postdoctoral Scholar, Dept of Dairy Science, UW-Madison
Patrick James Halbach MS Oxytocin signaling in the retinal pigment epithelium Pattnaik, Bird
Sheikh Omar Jobe PhD Vascular physiology and pharmacology of the cytochrome P450- and catechol-o-methyltransferase-derived metabolites of estrogen on uterine endothelial adaptations during pregnancy Magness Manager, Boston Scientific (Minneapolis, MN)
Brian Philip Kenealy PhD Rapid estradiol action on gonadotropin releasing hormone neurons: A possible role of neuroestradiol in the hypothalamus Terasawa Medical Student, Medical College of Wisconsin
Carly Renee Kibbe PhD Regulation of TXNIP by FOXO1 identification of crosstalk between FOXO1 and ChREBP transcription factor signaling Shalev, Anath Assistant Professor, Human Biology, UW-Green Bay
Jinwoo Lee PhD The SIK/CRTC pathway plays a central role in hormonal regulation of StAR expression Jefcoate Postdoctoral Scholar, Dept of Cell and Regenerative Biology, UW-Madison
Mian Mohammed Khuram Shahzad PhD Chronic neurobehavioral stress promotes resistance to chemotherapy in epithelial ovarian carcinoma Patankar Provider, H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute (Tampa, FL)
Heather Ann Bankowski MS Human umbilical vein endothelium in diabetic pregnancies: Function and dysfunction of umbilical cord vasculature Bird Faculty, Rush University
Ashley Marie Driver Minor Transcriptomic, genomic, and functional analysis of imprinted genes on bovine pre-implantation embryo development Khatib
Kathryn Ann Guerriero PhD The role of kisspeptin in the mechanism of puberty in the female rhesus monkey Terasawa Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University
J. Igor Iruretagoyena MS Differential gene expression in human heart and brain during late first trimester and early second trimester of pregnancy Bird Assistant Professor, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UW-Madison
Jennifer Lynn Krupp MS Dysfunctional vascular adaptations in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) in preeclamptic pregnancies Bird Maternal-Fetal Medicine, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Ann Elise Rozner PhD The influence of macrophages on implanting trophoblast cells Golos Study Director, Covance (Madison, WI)
Yizhou Jiang PhD Chronic hypoxia-enhanced angiogenesis: Transcriptional and signaling adaptations Zheng Postdoctoral Scholar, Davies Lab, University of Pennsylvania
Timothy James Morschauser MS Uterine vascular intercellular gap junction communication during pregnancy may locally regulate uterine blood flow via connexins and eNOS Magness Dental Provider, ForwardDental Franklin (Franklin, WI)
Lefric Edward Enwall PhD Investigating nuclear shape, morphology, and molecular changes in semen from scrotal-insulated Holstein bulls using Fourier Harmonic Analysis, flow cytometry, and in vitro fertility evaluations Parrish Associate Professor, New Tokyo Medical College
Maria Giakoumopoulos PhD Embryoid body-derived trophoblast differentiation and function Wiltbank Senior Research Scientist, Exact Sciences (Madison, WI)
Katie Meyer MS An ovine surgical model of uterine space restriction: Effects on fetal and placental growth Kling Resident, Dept of Family Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, Waukesha Memorial Hospital (Waukesha, WI)
Jennifer Anne Arens Gubbels PhD Cell surface MUC16: Metastasis, immune evasion, and the promise of immunocytokine therapies in epithelial ovarian cancer Patankar Associate Professor, Augustana University
Celina Marcela Checura PhD Control of follicular deviation in the mare Parrish Clinical Assistant Professor, Theriogenolgy, UW-Madison
Katherine Suzanne Hackbart MS The effects of organic complexes of Zn, Mn, Cu, and Co on milk production, reproduction, and hepatic gene expression in dairy cows Wiltbank Postdoctoral Scholar, Dept of Dairy Science, UW-Madison
Christopher Kevin Huls, MD MS The effect of shear stress on nitric oxide synthase signaling in uterine artery endothelial cells derived during the ovarian cycle and pregnancy Magness Provider, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Phoenix Perinatal Associates (Glendale, AZ)
Sekoni Daouda Noel PhD Rapid estrogen action in LHRH neurons: Possible role of GPR30 Terasawa Scientist, OvaScience (Greater Boston, MA area); Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Carla de Azevedo Piccinato PhD Regulation of steroid metabolism and the hepatic transcriptome by estradiol and progesterone Wiltbank Postdoctoral Scholar, Albert Einstein Hospital (Sao Paulo area, Brazil)
Yang Song PhD Endothelial differentiation from human embryonic stem cells Zheng
Tien-Cheng Chang PhD A three dimensional in vitro model for studying primate embryo implantation Golos Assistant Professor, Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Texas Health Science Center (San Antonio, TX)
Jessica G. Drenzek PhD Mechanisms of maternal-fetal immune tolerance in nonhuman primates Golos Scientist, Epicenter (Madison, WI)
David Bryan Engle MS Effect of acetyl-L-carnitine on ovarian cancer cells’ proliferation, nerve growth factor receptor (Trk-A and p75) expression, and the cytotoxic potential of paclitaxel and carboplatin Patankar Provider, Clearview Cancer Institute
Jennifer J. Gavinski PhD The effects of soluble epidermal growth factor receptor in mammary epithelial cells Sheffield Assistant Professor, UW-Richland
J. Christina Pattison PhD Marmoset 17[alpha]-hydoxylase/17,20-lyase cytochrome P450: Relationship between enzyme structure and function to low circulating DHEA levels observed in vivo Bird Deceased
Jessica Ann Quam MS Metabolomics identifies metabolic disturbances in key neurodevelopmental pathways in human embryonic stem cells and derivatives following exposure to valproic acid Cezar
Amy Lori Reeder PhD A microfluidic cumulus removal device in the investigation of early embryonic transcription Parrish Assistant Research Scientist,
Nichols Lab, Dept of Surgery,
Rao Zhou PhD Association of insulin with aspects of adrenal and ovarian dysfunction in a nonhuman primate model of polycystic ovary syndrome Abbott Provider, Hudson River HealthCare (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Miguel Javier Gallego MS Human chorionic gonadotropin mediates the proliferation and differentiation of human embryonic stem cells: Obligatory role of progesterone in neural induction Atwood Owner and COO, Precision Toxicology (San Diego area, CA)
Behzad Gerami-Naini PhD Human embryonic stem cells as a model for trophoblast differentiation Golos Assistant Professor, Tufts University
Paul Robert Lentz MS Leptin increases the expression of nucleoporini153 in mammary epithelial cells Sheffield Medical School Graduate, Des Moines University, College of Osteopathic Medicine; United States Air Force
Prashob Porayette MS Pleiotropic functions of the amyloid-[beta] precursor protein in the growth and development of human embryonic stem cells Atwood Provider, Dept of Cardiology, Driscoll Children’s Hospital (Corpus Christi, TX)
Cara Amy Raphael MS Characterization of a panel of monoclonal anti-human MUC16 antibodies and of murine MUC16 released by murine ovarian tumor cells Patankar Family Practitioner (Killeen, TX)
Jeremy Alexander Sullivan PhD Investigation of mechanisms regulating nitric oxide and prostacyclin production in an ovine uterine artery endothelial cell culture model Bird Lecturer and Assistant Scientist, UW-Madison
Elizabeth Ann Dille MS Establishing an in vitro follicle culture system to study the effect of endometriosis on infertility Patankar Customer Application Specialist, Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH (Kansas City, MO)
Jason A. Gross Minor The effects of cadmium and methylmercury on amphibian growth and development Albrecht Distinguished Professor, Dept of Animal Sciences, University of Florida
Shannon Michelle Koehler PhD Pregnancy-specific changes in Ca²⁺ signaling in uterine artery endothelial cells derived from pregnant and nonpregnant ewes Bird Instructor, Medical College of Wisconsin; Provider, Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee
Leah Marie Pollastrini MS Environment dependent effects of placental fibroblast co-culture on human embryonic stem cell differentiation Golos Physician Assistant, Broadlands Family Practice (Brambleton, VA)
Michael Jason Byers PhD Endothelial vasodilator production by uterine and systemic arteries:
Ovarian steroid and pregnancy regulation of ER(alpha) and ER(beta) levels
Magness Director, Medical Science Liaisons, Ferring Pharmaceuticals (Chicago area)
Jacqueline Mary Cale PhD Regulation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase by intracellular calcium and phosphorylation Bird Fitness Instructor (Minneapolis, MN)
Gail Frances Jurgella MS The effects of xenobiotics on estrogen metabolism in the kidney and liver of lake trout Peterson Environmental Planning Manager, County of San Diego, (San Diego area)
Yuliana MS Physiological effects of genistein in salmonid fishes Wentworth Lab Engineer, University of Bergen, Institute of Biology and Medicine Psychology (Bergen Area, Norway)
Francisco Javier Diaz PhD Mechanisms associated with acquisition of luteolytic capacity in the porcine corpus luteum Wiltbank Associate Professor, Reproductive Biology and Animal Science, Pennsylvania State University
Masaya Hayashi MS Effects of pregnancy, estrogen, and shear stress on heat shock proteins in the ovine uterine artery Magness Patent Attorney (Tokyo, Japan)
Dinesh S. Rao MS The identification, cloning and sequencing of leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptors in the rhesus monkey Golos
Ann Elise Rozner MS Golos Study Director, Covance (Madison, WI)
Benjamin Gordon Woods MS Alterations in cellular cholesterol affect EGF receptor-associated signaling Bertics
Lori Elaine Anderson PhD Prostaglandin receptor binding and activation in the corpus luteum Wiltbank Scientist, Hologic, Inc. Medical Devices (Madison, WI)
Zeki Beyhan PhD Cellular and genomic reprogramming of donor nuclei in bovine nuclear transfer embryos First Director, Embryology Laboratory, Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine
Gabriela G. Cezar PhD Epigenetic reprogramming and developmental gene expression in cloned bovine fetuses and placentas First Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences, Human Oncology, UW-Madison
Fracesce Donadeu PhD Follicular growth and regulation of circulating concentrations of FSH and LH during the ovulatory and anovulatory seasons in mares Ginther Senior Lecturer and Group Leader, Developmental Biology, University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Lindsey Nicole Geiger MS Bovine sperm nuclear morphology related to breeds, sperm separation methods and scrotal insulation Parrish Toxicologist, Covance Laboratories (Madison, WI)
Tiffini Charieace Gibson MS Physiological mechanisms of endogenous and exogenous estrogen on uterine blood flow in sheep Magness Laboratory Director, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas (Austin, TX)
James Micheal Haughian MS Different mechanisms regulate follicle-stimulating hormone during the periovulatory period in cattle Wiltbank Biology Faculty, University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, CO)
Ki-Narm Ko PhD Effect of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin on prostate development in the mouse Peterson Dept of Neuroscience, School of Medicine and Neuroscience Research Center, Konkuk University (Seoul, Korea)
Yun Li PhD Signaling mechanisms controlling shear stress-induced in nitric oxide production and eNOS expression by ovine feto-placental artery endothelial cells Magness
Pavla Marija Misica MS Identification and expression of DNA methyltransferases in bovine nuclear transfer and IVF preimplantation embryos First
Joel Robert Eisner PhD The prenatally androgenized female rhesus monkey as a model for polycystic ovary syndrome Abbott Vice President, Clinical Operations, Innocrin Pharmaceuticals
Jeffrey Michael Joyce MS Role of shear stress on the regulation of eNOS and NOx levels in the ovine uterine circulation Magness
Adam Gideon King MS Estrogen induces uterine angiogenesis through the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor Magness Pediatrics, Internal Medicine (Germantown, WI)
Juu-Chin Lu PhD Internalization of prolactin receptor isoforms: Motifs putative mechanisms Schuler Assistant Professor, Division of Physiology and Pharmacology, Chang Gung University
Michael Jeremy Wolfgang PhD Cellular and molecular approaches for the study of maternal-fetal immune tolerance in nonhuman primates Golos Associate Professor, Biological Chemistry, John Hopkins Medicine
Tien-Cheng (Arthur) Chang MS A three-dimensional in vitro model for studying primate embryo implantation Golos Assistant Professor, Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Texas Health Science Center (San Antonio, TX)
Charles G. Ostermeier PhD Sperm nuclear morphology and its relationship with bull fertility Parrish Senior Research Scientist, Androvia Life Sciences
Yuh-Lin Wu PhD Differential regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 gene in granulosa and large luteal cells Wiltbank Associate Professor, Dept and Institute of Physiology,  National Yang-Ming University
Tao Di MS The role of intracellular Ca2+ mobilization and extracellular signal-regulated kinases in mediating pregnancy-induced changes in uterine artery endothelial vasodilator production Bird
Francisco Javier Diaz MS Regulation of corpus luteum function in pigs Wiltbank Associate Professor, Reproductive Biology and Animal Science, Pennsylvania State University
Hong-Yo Kang PhD Identification of androgen receptor coactivators and characterization of interplay between transforming growth factor-beta and androgen receptor in the human prostate Chang Professor, Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Sciences, Chang Gung University
Yong Nyun Kim PhD Epidermal growth factor-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation of caveolin-1 Bertics Comparative Biomedicine Research Branch, National Cancer Center Research Institute (Korea)
Lisa Jean Kulick MS Ginther
Yan Liu MS Wentworth
Huei-Ju Pan PhD Identification of a positive regulatory element for the human TR4 orphan receptor and identification of potential androgen target genes for hair growth and muscle development Chang
Yi Qin MS Factors regulating the transcriptional activity of the Rhesus monkey growth hormone variant (mGH-V) promoter Golos
Heidi Leigh Rupnow MS Magness
Jayne Marilyn Squirrell PhD Analysis of cytoplasmic restructuring during preimplantation hamster embryo development using an integrated microscopy approach Bavister Assistant Scientist, Dept of Molecular Biology, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center, UW-Madison
Denise Ann Stempa MS Ginther
Eduardo Leite Gastal PhD Selection of the dominant follicle in mares: Role of follicle-diameter differences, gonadotropins, and estradiol Ginther Associate Professor, Dept of Animal Science, Food and Nutrition, Southern Illionois University
John Robert Gibbons PhD Interrelationships between follicle-stimulating hormone and follicular dynamics in cattle and sheep Ginther
Pei-Wen Hsiao PhD Transcriptional modulators for the human androgen receptor Chang Associate Research Fellow, Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center
Erdogan Memili PhD Control of gene expression at the onset of bovine embryonic development First Associate Professor, Reproduction and Development, Functional Genomics, Mississippi State University
Zeki Beyhan MS Cellular and genomic reprogramming of donor nuclei in bovine nuclear transfer embryos First Director, Embryology Laboratory, Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine
Geraldine Francesca D’Souza MS Sheffield
Victor Joseph Quijano Jr. PhD Prolactin regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase in mammary epithelial cells Sheffield Podiatrist, Orthopedic Foot and Ankle (Derry, NH)
Calvin Randall Simerly PhD Conventional and unconventional myosins during mammalian gametogenesis, fertilization and early development Shatten Assistant Investigator, Magee-Women’s Research Institute; Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
Anthony Wing-Sang Chan PhD Alternative methods to produce transgenic animals Bremel Associate Professor, Emory University School of Medicine
Yanchu Fang PhD Lactogenic hormone regulation of epidermal growth factor gene expression in mouse mammary epithelial cells Sheffield
Yi-Fen Lee PhD Cloning and characterization of the human TR4 orphan receptor: A modulator for vitamin A, vitamin D and thyroid hormone signal pathways Chang University of Rochester Medical Center, School of Medicine and Dentistry
Din-Lii Lin PhD The genomic structure, promoter & regulatory elements of human TR2 orphan receptor gene, a member of the steroid receptor Chang
Ariege Muallem MS Genetic analysis of the Y chromosome in fertile and infertile human males First Educator, Middle School Qur’an and Islamic Studies, Renaissance Academy (Austin, TX)
Mark W. Tengowski PhD The ultrastructural events at the plasma membranes during bovine fertilization: A molecular mechanism of gamete fusion Shatten President and founder, Abacus Trial Design, LLC
Shaw-Jenq Tsai PhD Molecular mechanisms that regulate prostaglandin F₂α production and action in the corpus luteum Wiltbank Professor, Dept of Physiology, National Cheng Keng University (Taiwan)
Shu-Yuan Yeh PhD Cloning and characterization of a specific associated protein, ARA70, for androgen receptor and the promoter study of androgen receptor Chang Professor, Dept of Urology, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center
Win-Jing Young PhD The developmental expression patterns of the androgen, TR2, and TR4 receptors in relation to their roles in the target organs Chang
Shibani Chakravorti PhD Production and regulation of acidic and basic fibroblast growth factors in the mammary gland Sheffield
Tanja Dominko PhD Timing and components of cell cycle regulation of nuclear and cytoplasmic events in bovine oocytes and embryos First Associate Professor, Biology and Biotechnology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Julie Lynn Johnson MS Prolactin inhibits epidermal growth factor induced cellular signaling in mouse mammary epithelial cells Sheffield
Han-Jung Lee PhD Isolation and characterization of target genes of the human TR2 orphan receptor, a member of the steroid hormone receptor superfamily Chang Professor, Molecular Biology, National Dong Hwa University
Alaaeldin Ibrahim Mahmoud PhD Molecular changes associated with capacitation of bovine sperm Parrish
Kelly Jeanne Prusheik MS Prolactin regulation of C-terminal Src kinase in Nb2 cells Sheffield
Terence Patrick Barry PhD Ontogeny and manipulation of the corticosteroid stress response in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Parrish Scientist/Director, Animal Sciences, UW-Madison
Karin Johanna Bodensteiner MS Regulation of follicular wave emergence and divergence: Cellular and endocrine mechanisms Wiltbank Professor, Biology, UW-Stevens Point
Janet Marie Fechter MS The fate of sperm tail microtubules during sea urchin fertilization Shatten
David Layton Fulgham PhD Modulation of the EGF receptor tyrosine kinase activity: Influence of C-terminal truncation, thiol reactive agents and nitric oxide Gorski
David Sevy Gonzales PhD Embryonic escape from the zona pellucida Bavister
Gwo-Jang Wu PhD Microtubule activity during primate fertilization and calcium regulation Schatten Professor, Tri-Service General Hospital, National Defense Medical Center
Huseyin Aktas PhD Regulation of bovine oocyte maturation: Maintenance of meiotic arrest and resumption of meiosis First Scientist, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Theresa Michele Arlotto PhD Acquisition of meiotic competence in bovine oocytes and resolution of a model system for study First
Deborah Kathleen Barnett MS The role of energy management during preimplantation hamster embryo development Bavister Online Instructional Coordinator, Berkeley School of Public Health
Gregory Thomas Bleck PhD Genetic evaluation and modification of animals utilizing the 5′ flanking region of the bovine alpha-lactalbumin gene Bremel Global Head of Research and Development, Catalent Biologics
Suzanne Elizabeth Fenton PhD Modulation of epidermal growth factor-induced cell signaling in mammary epithelium by prolactin Sheffield Group leader, Reproductive Endocrinology Group, Mammary Gland Development/Lactation Biology, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Ann Marie Nelson Gronowski PhD Interaction of the epidermal growth factor receptor with the cellular cytoskeleton Bertics
John Mitchell Jones PhD Cell cycle mediated repression of transcription in cleavage stage bovine embryos First Lawyer, Biotechnology, Patent Prosecution, Patent Litigation
Loro Lo-Laja Kujjo PhD Bacterial endotoxin modification of bovine reproductive neuroendocrine axes Bosu Assistant Professor, Dept of Radiology, Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine, Division of Human Anatomy, Michigan State University
Elizabeth Ann Libersky MS Progesterone concentrations of reproductive fluids in the golden hamster during the peri-ovulatory period: Implications for in vitro fertilization Bavister
Russell John Vanderboom PhD Estradiol and epidermal growth factor interactions in the regulation of mammary epithelial cell DNA synthesis Sheffield Researcher, Cancer Research, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, UW-Madison
Johanna Suzanne Muir Archer MS Secretion of foreign proteins in ruminant milk after introduction of the gene by replication-defective retrovirus vectors Bremel Obstetrician and Gynecologist (Louisville, KY)
Tamara L. Greco PhD A study of the ontogeny of estrogen receptors in male and female fetal and neonatal mouse reproductive tracts using immunodetection methods Gorski Dept of Biology, Eastern Michigan University
Teoan Kim PhD A study of retrovirus-mediated gene transfer in bovine embryos First
Linda Anne Winston PhD A role for protein-tyrosine phosphorylation in growth hormone signal transduction Bertics
Todd A. Winters PhD Epidermal growth factor receptor in the fetal bovine urogenital system Gorski Dean, College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, University of Tennessee Martin
Michael John Woller PhD The role of neuropeptide Y in the control of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone release Terasawa Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences, UW-Whitewater
Sara Steffen Zoran MS Shatten
Fay Lynn Hillery MS
Ning Li MS Shapiro
Frank Chiahung Mao PhD Regulation of the milk proteins alpha-lactalbumin and beta-lactoglobulin: Correlations with milk yields in dairy cattle Bremel Professor, Diabetology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Veterinary Medicine, National Chung Hsing University
Sharyl Jeanne Nass MS Requirement of proto-oncogene c-myc in epidermal growth factor stimulated proliferation of mammary epithelial cells Sheffield Board Director, Health Care Services; Director of National Cancer Policy Forum, Institute of Medicine
(Baltimore, Maryland Area)
Scott Andrew Schini MS Bavister
Suzanne Elizabeth Fenton MS Roles of glycosaminoglycans in maturation and fertilization of bovine oocyte-cumulus cell complexes Sheffield Group leader, Reproductive Endocrinology Group, Mammary Gland Development/Lactation Biology, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
David Sevy Gonzales MS Gonadal germ cell chimeras produced by microinjecting primordial germ cells into the vasculature of early chicken embryos [sic] Bavister
Julie Ann Kalamaras MS Interactions of glycosaminoglycans with bull sperm Ax
Joseph Michael Lowndes Minor Photolabeling and radioligand binding of human erythrocyte sodium-potassium-ATPase with iodine-125-derivatives of cymarin and digitoxigenin Hokin-Neaverson Instructor, Madison College
Fiona Ndinda Mbai MS Efforts to identify early spontaneous embryo mortality in the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) Goy Professor, Biomedical Sciences, Technical University of Kenya (Kenya)
David Joel Miller PhD The interaction between glycosaminoglycans and sperm and its regulation by seminal plasma Ax Professor, University of Illinois
Mira Milosavljevic MS
David Michael Ebbitt MS Emergency Physician, Cumberland Valley Emergency Associates, Summit Health
Margaret Mary Hinshelwood PhD Effects of charcoal-extracted, bovine follicular fluid on folliculogenesis and pituitary function in cattle Hauser, Dierschke Manager, Office of Scientific Publications, Baylor University Medical Center (Dallas, TX)
Jere Allan Gale MS Cryopreservation of semen from endangered crane species Wentworth
Barbara Jean Gilligan MS Investigations concerning the acquisition of developmental competence during in vitro maturation First
Jan Karlotta Heideman PhD
Faye Ellen Nashold MS
Randall Scott Prather PhD Developmental analysis of murine embryos after chimerization with a highly asynchronous blastomere First Curators’ Professor, Reproductive Biotechnology, University of Missouri
Mary Grace Holder Renk MS The effect of photoperiod on serum gonadotropin levels and onset of puberty in heifers Hauser
Mary Eva Bellin MS Synthesis, distribution, and composition of glycosaminoglycans during folliculogenesis Wentworth
Susan Marie Henwood MS Scientific Lead NHP DART; Study Director Manager, Covance Laboratories (Madison, WI)
Chi-Chi Christy Liu MS Thymidine kinase activity of normal and plasmid pMK microinjected mouse embryos during preimplantation stages First
Jane Hurley Walent PhD Regulation of estrogen receptor activity and estrogen action in primary cultures of rat uterine cells (steroid) Gorski
Terese Marie Block MS Photoperiodic regulation of LH, FSH and Prl in prepubertal heifers Hauser
Carl Leon Kubajak MS Measurement of the glycosaminoglycan chondroitin sulfate in ovarian follicular fluid using Alcian Blue dye Ax
Jeffrey Allen Malison PhD Growth promotion and the influence of sex-steroids on sexually-related dimorphic growth and differentiation of yellow perch (perca flavescens) Wentworth
Leonard Andrew Kamwanja PhD Regulation of onset of puberty in the bovine female: The role of season Hauser
Jane Hurley Walent MS Gorski
Margaret Mary Hinshelwood MS The influence of suckling on the hypothalamus, pituitary and ovary of the postpartum cow Hauser Manager, Office of Scientific Publications, Baylor University Medical Center (Dallas, TX)
Yoshinobu Arima PhD The purification and characterization of bovine placental lactogen Bremel
Peter James Hansen PhD Seasonal modulation of reproduction in female cattle and mice: Characteristics and mechanisms Hauser Distinguished Professor, Dept of Animal Sciences; Affiliate Professor, Dept of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)
Margaret Ann Miller PhD Hormonal control of hepatic steroid metabolizing enzymes Associate Director, Regulatory Activities, Washington Office of the National Center for Toxicological Research
Keith Koehler Schillo PhD Regulation of luteinizing hormone secretion in prepubertal heifers Hauser, Dierschke Professor, SUNY Oneonta, Dept of Biology (Oneonta, NY)
Cheryl S. Asa PhD Endocrine mediation of estrous behavior in the mare Ginther Director, AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums), Reproductive Management Center (St. Louis, MO); Adjunct Professor, Animal Behavior and Endocrinology, Washington University and Saint Louis University
Max Leon Carter PhD Control of ovarian function during the estrous cycle and early postpartum period in the beef cow Huaser, Dierschke
Elizabeth Shea Critser PhD Control of luteal function in the mouse French Retired Biochemist, Warner Lambert (Detroit area)
Judith Rena Gibber PhD Infant-directed behaviors in male and female rhesus monkeys Goy
Pamela Ann Gilles PhD Effects of progesterone, 20alpha-dihydroprogesterone and their 5alpha-reduced metabolite on the regulation of ovulation, gonadotropins and LHRH in the rat Harry, Karavolas
Jan Karlotta Heideman MS
Leonard Andrew Kamwanja MS Environmental factors affecting luteinizing hormone rhythms and onset of puberty in the bovine and lagomorphic females Hauser
David Lawrence Northey MS
Gail M. Robinson MS Follicular glycosaminoglycans: Hormonal stimulation in vitro and relation to steroids in individual normal and atretic bovine follicles Ax
Lynn Emmet Steadman MS Validation that FSH stimulates in vitro proteoglycon production by bovine granulosa cells from small follicles Ax
Penny Swanson MS Program Manager, Physiology Program, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Cheryl S. Asa MS Ginther Director, AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums), Reproductive Management Center (St. Louis, MO); Adjunct Professor, Animal Behavior and Endocrinology, Washington University and Saint Louis University
Peter James Hansen MS Hauser Distinguished Professor, Dept of Animal Sciences; Affiliate Professor, Dept of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)
Israel Hanukoglu PhD Mechanism of electron transport to cytochrome P-450 in adrenal cortex mitochondrial steroid monooxygenase systems Jefcoate Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
Ariel University (Israel)
Lorraine M. Leibfried PhD Follicular control of meiosis in the mammalian oocyte First
Jeffrey Allen Malison MS Wentworth
Elizabeth Shea Critser MS French Retired Biochemist, Warner Lambert (Detroit area)
Kenneth Charles Gorray PhD The regulation of insulin secretion by the pineal gland French, Ewart
Steven Paul Lorton PhD The role of sperm acrosomal enzymes in migration of spermatozoa and in fertilization First President, Association for Applied Animal Andrology (Madison, WI)
Budi Sedjati Nara PhD Mechanisms controlling prepartum luteolysis in swine First
Diane Denise Turner MS Deceased
Steven Lewis Berg MS
Max Leon Carter MS Huaser, Dierschke
Richard Dennis Dyer PhD High-affinity binding of progesterone by the human uterus: Properties and functional significance Colas
Louis Jeffrey Freedman MS
Eileen Audrey Merz PhD Studies of follicular development, atresia and ovulation following unilateral ovariectomy and gonadotropin stimulation in the bovine Hauser Professor, Dept of Environmental and Occupational Health, Milken Institute School of Public Health
William Busse Wehrenberg PhD Hemodynamic and hormonal characteristics and regulation of reproductive function in rhesus monkeys and guinea pigs Dierschke, Wolf
Geoffrey Lee Wendorf MS
Linda Hacker Kooistra MS