Research Interest

David H. Abbott, PhD Neuroendocrine Function, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Elaine Alarid, PhD Estrogen Response
Lisa M. Arendt, DVM, PhD Obesity; Breast cancer; Mammary gland; Inflammation; Stromal/epithelial interactions
Craig S. Atwood, PhD Hormone regulation of aging and Alzheimer's Disease
Anjon Audhya, PhD Membrane Development and Organization
Terence P. Barry, PhD Aquaculture, Fish Reproduction
Ian M. Bird, PhD Uterine blood flow, eNOS
Barak Blum, PhD Regulation of terminal differentiation and functional maturation of stem and progenitor cells, regenerative biology of the endocrine pancreas, diabetes
Derek Boeldt, PhD Translational approaches for preeclampsia therapy; Changes in vascular biology and function in response to pregnancy
Ricki J. Colman, PhD The effects of caloric restriction on non-human primates
Dawn B. Davis, MD, PhD Basic and translational research on diabetes and obesity
Theresa Duello, PhD Health Disparities in Underrepresented Populations
Feyza Engin, PhD Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Beta cells, Endoplasmic reticulum, Unfolded protein response, Obesity
Thaddeus (Ted) Golos, PhD Placenta biology, stem cells
Laura Hernandez, PhD Lactation biology
Colin Jefcoate, PhD stAR protein
Joan Jorgensen, DVM, PhD Gonad formation
Hasan Khatib, PhD Genomic imprinting; Genetic development of embryos in cattle; Genetic traits that impact health and milk quality in cattle.
Michelle E. Kimple, PhD Signal transduction; Diabetes pathophysiology
Pam Kling, MD Neonatal development, Growth factors
Pam Kreeger, PhD The use of mathematical, and computational techniques to address cellular signaling questions relevant to women's health
Dudley W. Lamming, PhD Aging
Jon Levine, PhD Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Bo Liu, PhD Molecular mechanism underlying vascular inflammation: Molecular mechanism underlying occlusive vascular diseases; and Development of new materials for biomedical applications (gene delivery and vascular grafts)
Thomas Martin, PhD Cell Signaling, neuropeptides
Matthew J. Merrins, PhD Pancreatic islet metabolism and diabetes; live-cell imaging, electrophysiology, and protein biochemistry
James Ntambi, PhD Genetic regulation of metabolism
Jon Odorico, MD Stem cells; Pancreatic islet development
John Parrish, PhD Sperm regulation and function; Equine reproduction
Manish Patankar, PhD Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (EOS)
Bikash R. Pattnaik, PhD Understanding the mechanism of Kir7.1 mutations associated blindness using patient derived iPS-Retinal Pigment Epithelium cells.
Bret Payseur, PhD Genetics of hybrid sterility
Francisco Pelegri, PhD Cellular and molecular level processes involved in early vertebrate development
Linda Schuler, PhD, VMD Prolactin; Growth hormones
Dinesh Shah, MD Maternal-fetal medicine; Mechanisms of preeclamptic hypertension
Aleksandar Stanic-Kostic, MD, PhD The role of Innate Lymphoid cells and immune cellular networks in the architectural organization of the maternal/fetal interface
Ei Terasawa, PhD Neuroendocrinology
James Thomson, PhD, VMD Stem cells
Chad Vezina, PhD Prostate disease
Jyoti Watters, PhD Molecular mechanisms employed by microglia; Central Nervous System
Milo Wiltbank, PhD Hormonal interaction; Intracellular regulation of cell death and steroidogenesis in the corpus luteum; Regulation of ovarian function in dairy cattle.
Wei Xu, PhD Dissecting the epigenetic mechanisms controlling estrogen responsiveness
Jing Zheng, PhD Endothelial cell function