ERP Thesis Committee Meeting Report Form (NEW Sept 2023)

Download ERP-Thesis-Committee-Meeting-Report-Form-NEW-September-2023

Complete this report for each formal thesis committee meeting.

Student responsibility:
• Attach a copy of last year’s completed report to the current year’s report (if applicable).
• Complete the first and second sections and disseminate to committee members at least 1 week prior to the meeting. The first section is cumulative; add to it and share the cumulative list with thesis committee members each year. Identify current year items with an asterisk. The second section represents progress in the current year.
• Submit the form to the ERP program coordinator after receiving input and signatures from committee members (this should happen within 1 week of the meeting).
• Save a copy of the signed report for next year’s meeting (if applicable)

Note-taker Committee Member responsibility:
• Work with other committee members to complete the third section during / after the committee meeting. The trainee will email a copy of this form, once signed, to the ERP program coordinator within 1 week of the committee meeting.