Making a Gift

Have you ever thought of making a gift to a graduate program? It may not seem to be an obvious thing to do but there are many good reasons to give. The Endocrinology-Reproductive Physiology Program at the University of Wisconsin trains future leaders in the field of reproductive sciences, with many of our former graduates now CEOs, Chairs and Directors of some of the world’s foremost institutions. But they would not have been able to achieve their success without first rate training in their postgraduate years. Our Program is recognized as a leading training program by the NIH and is graduating both MD and BS graduates to MS and PhD level. The increasing complexity of biological sciences is a major challenge to becoming a master in the field. UW-Madison is a top ten institution and a world leader in issues of women’s health and stem cell biology. Ours is one of only a handful of programs capable of providing the necessary advanced training. In a world where reproductive failure and a need for more reliable means of population control are equally challenging, it will take the very best to succeed in meeting society’s increasing demands.

We have the intellectual and facilities resources to provide this training, but we are constantly challenged in finding the financial resources to do so. Our ability to carry out our important role at UW-Madison depends on a solid financial base. Please consider us in making your donation to the UW Foundation. Help us help your children, your friends and neighbors.