ERP Alumni

wdt_ID Name Degree Earned Thesis Title Advisor Current Position/Appointment
1 2019-2020
2 Mohammed Alotaibi MS mTORC2 as a Modulator of Metabolic Health, Longevity and GH/IGF-1 Axis Lamming Teaching Assistant, Taif University Medical Center (Saudi Arabia)
3 Ryan Brown MS IRX3 Promotes Successful Embryo-Uterine Interactions During Early Embryo Implantation in the Mouse Jorgensen
4 Sydney Nguyen PhD Ferumoxytol MRI for the in vivo identification of placental pathology: Investigation in preparation for clinical applications Golos, Bird Biologist, Innovative Medical Technologies Inc.
5 Nicole Richardson PhD The regulation of metabolic health and longevity by dietary branched-chain amino acids Lamming Postdoctoral Associate, Schwartz Laboratory, University of Washington
6 2018-2019
7 Yousef Alharbi PhD Developing novel anti-cancer agents targeting Na+/K+-ATPase Patankar Junior Faculty, School of Veterinary Medicine, Qassim University (Saudi Arabia)
8 Anqi Fu PhD Dynamic expression profiles of Irx3 and Irx5 during germline nest breakdown and primordial follicle formation promote follicle integrity and female fertility in mice Jorgensen Research Account Manager, Adaptive Biotechnologies (New York)
9 James Garcia PhD Pubertal changes in the interaction between kisspeptin and NKB signaling to GnRH neurons in female and male rhesus monkeys Teresawa Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin - Madison
10 Kenna Organ Degner PhD Investigating mechanisms of glomerular endothelial injury and barrier function in preeclampsia Shah Postdoctoral Scholar, Dept of Surgery, University of Wisconsin - Madison