Grad Student Funding

Graduate Student Financial Support Information

Graduate student financial support is provided through a number of sources including your advisor’s research awards, teaching assistantships, Advanced Opportunity Fellowships (AOF) and external sources.

Graduate students, with the support their advisors, are welcome and encouraged to apply for external fellowships, travel awards and scholarships to recognize academic excellence and achievement in the field, or to support educational opportunities where existing funding is limited. ERP students who have the best opportunity to apply for these awards are within six months of the preliminary exam process. While specific application guidelines vary by organization, all require an outline or project description, a budget and student CV in addition to other application materials such as a letter of support from a sponsor or reference.

The application for and attainment of competitive awards are an invaluable learning experience and an accomplishment that will standout on your CV as you apply for positions following your degree. Indirectly, your individual success with these awards raises the profile of the ERP Program both on campus and off.

All ERP Program graduate students regardless of visa and residency status are encouraged to seek additional individual funding to support a portion of individual training activities at some point in time.

Fellowship, Travel and Scholarship Funding