Sebastian I Arriola Apelo

Position title: Assistant Professor, Animal and Dairy Sciences


Phone: Lactation biology, nutrient and hormonal regulation of milk protein synthesis

A.E.: Universidad de la República, Uruguay, 2003
M.S.: Virginia Tech, 2009
Ph.D.: Virginia Tech, 2013
Postdoc: University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2017

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Research Focus

The Arriola-Apelo lab focuses on mechanistic mathematical models of nutrient metabolism and cellular signaling, with the major goal of maximizing nutrient efficiency for a sustainable dairy industry. His group is particularly interested in the role of the protein kinase mTOR on nutrient and hormonal regulation of milk protein synthesis. A quantitative understanding of amino acid and hormonal signaling across tissues, could potentially lead to increased amino acid retention into milk proteins and reduce urea production and nitrogen excretion.

Program Activities

  • Joined ERP Program: 2017


Current ERP students

  • Virginia Pszczolkowski (PhD in progress)

No past ERP students