Linda Schuler

Position title: Professor, Comparative Biosciences


Phone: Prolactin; Growth hormones


BS 1974 University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI
PhD 1980 University of Pennsylvania, Philadephia, PA
VMD 1981 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Postdoctoral position: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

Linda Schuler. Professor, Comparative Biosciences. Prolactin; Growth hormones.

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Research Focus

The Schuler laboratory is interested in the role of prolactin and its crosstalk with other hormones and growth factors in development and progression of breast cancer.

Program Activities

  • Joined ERP Program: 1986
  • ERP Program T32 Steering Committee Member
  • ERP T32 Faculty Trainer


No current ERP students

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3 Past Trainees Degree Completed
4 Juu-Chin Liu PhD
5 Fatou Jallow PhD